So Bush had an intelligence memo warning of imminent attacks and reports of aircraft bombed by the Clinton administration on file. Why didn’t he immediately alert the nation? Was he too busy taking a month’s vacation in Crawford, Virginia? Bush didn’t do his job and it might have taken 3,000 people to pay with their lives. That alone should be enough to drag him to an impeachment committee. That Clinton told lies about his sex life during his tenure did not cost anyone their lives, at least as far as I know. For example, what would have happened if the Republicans let the FBI do its real job in the late 1990s – protecting the lives of American citizens? Instead, federal agents wasted countless hours reviewing Clinton’s sexual habits and shoddy real estate deals. For a time, 200 FBI agents were simultaneously involved in the witch hunt of the Clintons. 200 agents who could have answered calls from Texas flight instructors worried about strange guys who wanted to learn to fly but not how to take off or land. 200 agents who could have checked why people who later turned out to be terrorists could stay in the country even though their visas had long since expired. 200 FBI agents who could have been trained in air traffic control. 200 FBI agents who should have done ANYTHING but let their time be stolen by vengeful, sex-obsessed, right-wing Republicans who wanted to die for $ 50 million in a porno book about where the President of the United States kept his cigars. -162-

There has been much speculation about what Bush could have done in the month leading up to 9/11 to prevent the attacks. But nobody is talking about a measure 14 years before September 11th that would almost certainly have prevented the tragedy – at a price of 50 cents more per ticket. In 1987 I worked for some time in Ralph Nader’s Washington D.C. office. And what kind of project were Nader’s people working on back then? That’s right, they are working with the government to increase flight safety and urging all airlines to install new cockpit doors in their aircraft that cannot be opened from the passenger compartment. The airlines shouted protests and refused to give up a penny extra. Would the airline bosses have listened to Nader back then, whether the 19 air pirates who could have brought aircraft into their power? I’m pretty sure that the 3,000 people who died on that fatal day in September 2001 would still be alive if Nader’s group had been able to prevail 14 years ago.

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