“We’ve been in Washington all year. Now he has to give speeches in Illinois and consolidate his position. He’s got a mountain of work to do, ”Hume said reproachfully, as if it was Rob J.’s fault that Singleton was in such bad shape. Hume was a Scottish name, but Rob J. did not get along with the man. “You have to stay in bed,” he said bluntly to Singleton. »Forget your speeches and your position! Eat lightly and easily! And drink very little alcohol! “

Rogers glared at him. “The other two doctors told us something completely different. Dr. Barr said everyone would be exhausted after the long journey. And the other from your town, Dr. Beckermann, was of the same opinion and said that all the MPs need is home-style cooking and good prairie air. “

“We felt it was right to consult several doctors,” said Hume, “if there are different opinions.

And we have them now too, don’t we? The other two don’t agree, so it’s two to one. “

“Very democratic. But this is not a choice. ”Rob J. turned to Singleton. “If you want to survive you should do as I tell you.”

The cold old eyes looked at him in amusement. “You’re a friend of Rep. Holden. And his partner in various businesses, if I am properly informed. “

“I am a doctor. I don’t care about politics. You called me, Mr. Singleton. “

The congressman nodded and gave the other two a meaningful look. Billy Rogers led Rob out of the room. When he tried to explain the threat of Singleton’s condition, he received a nod from the secretary and a smooth thank you from the assistant. Rogers paid the fee as though tipping a stable boy, and Rob J. was quickly and straightforwardly complimented out. When Rob J. was riding down Main Street at Holden’s Crossing on Vicky a few hours later, he saw how well Nick Holden’s intelligence service was working. Nick was waiting on the porch in front of Haskin’s shop, chair tilted against the wall, a boot on the railing. When he saw Rob J., he waved him over. Nick quickly dragged him to the back of the store, making no effort to hide his excitement.

“I only talk to them about my patients. And sometimes to their loved ones. Are you one of Singleton’s loved ones? “

Rob J. avoided a set up mousetrap as he left the storage room.

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