Airp. had appeared when Orin leaned his noble forehead against the window of the gate with a view of the runway, after voluntarily driving Helen Steeply the whole nightmare route 1-17 / -10 down to the hideously blinding impassable airport and not just the subject in the car had not been particularly grateful, nor had he even allowed him to give him a friendly and helpful service during the journey

The palm of his hand on the incredible quadriceps, had been angry with business and had only one subject and that was to do dirty family laundry, which he had almost begged her not to do because it was inappropriate to him – that while he was with his forehead on the The window of the Weston back door – or the window at the Delta Pier – was standing there and had received little more than a mocking smile and the promise to greet Hallie if possible, this incredible specimen – unsolicited and without prior strategy on his part – had approached him had followed up a lavish foreign accentuated conversation with him and showed professionally beautiful hands while she rummaged in her tripolymer handbag and asked him to sign a Cardinals souvenir football for her crab-aged son, which she happened to (!) in the handbag with her Swiss passport had – as if the universe was reaching out to him from the edge of the abyss to tear back the despair that always arose when his need for a chosen subject was rejected or frustrated

It was as if he was swaying around high with arms waving around, without even having any idiotic red wings strapped to his back, and as if the universe reached out that beautiful, soothing left hand and gently pulled him back, hugging him and comforting him He stands there and hugs a subject who returns his sex face with a sex face, in silence, football and pen on the neatly made bed, the two embrace between the bed and him less than that it reminds him of the who and what of his plan Mirror, with the woman looking in the direction of the bed, so that Orin can see the large wall mirror behind her and the small framed photos of her Swiss family, arranged on the wood-grained chest of drawers under the window, 235 the pendulous man and the Swiss-looking children, who are confidently looking at nothing somewhere above smile at their rights. You have switched to sixth gear. Your eyelids flutter; its close. Concentrated tactile delicacy. She is left handed. It’s not about comfort. You start with the point of unbuttoning each other


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