When they returned to their home, their father was not home. She made it easy for Shaman to kiss her and willingly agreed to it, so that it seemed natural to him to stroke her through her clothes and finally to love her on the uncomfortable fringed sofa. Fearing that her father might come back, she left the light on, and she didn’t undress either, just pushed her skirt and petticoat up over her waist. Her feminine scent was masked by the myrtle scent of the paraffin in which she dipped wicks six days a week. Shaman took it hard and fast, without feeling the slightest joy, constantly aware of the danger of an annoying interruption by the bailiff. He felt no more human closeness than he did with the woman in the brothel.

After that, he never thought of Hazel for seven weeks. But one afternoon the familiar desire returned, and he went to the candle factory to visit her. The air inside was hot with fat steam and heavy with the concentrated myrtle scent. Hazel Melville got angry when she saw him. “I can’t have visitors here! Do you want her to let me go? ”But before he left, she told him quickly that she would not be able to see him again, because in the weeks when he hadn’t let anyone else know she was promised to another man one she has known for a long time. He had an upscale job, he was an accountant, she told him and made no attempt to hide her satisfaction.

Basically, his physical need distracted him less than he expected. He arranged everything –

his longing and his longing, his hopes and his expectations of happiness, his strength and his imagination – on the study of medicine. Cooke said with undisguised envy that Robert J. Cole was a born medical student, and Shaman did not contradict him, having waited all his life for something he found here in Cincinnati. He got used to stopping by the autopsy room whenever he had a free hour, sometimes alone, but more often with Cooke or Billy Henned, to help them improve their dissection technique or to demonstrate something they had read or read in a book had heard in a lecture. Soon after the first anatomy lesson, Dr. McGowan Shaman asked to help students who were having difficulty. Shaman knew that he had excellent grades in the other subjects too, and now even Dr.

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