I am a doctor and not a sheep farmer. But of course we don’t want the sheep ever to disappear from Cole-Land. We therefore ask you to look through the herd and choose the animals that bring the best wool. We then keep them for further breeding. We will carefully sort the herd every year to get better and better wool so that we can continue to get good prices in the future. We’re only keeping as many sheep as you can handle with Doug Penfield. “

Alden’s eyes shone. “Well, that’s what I call a wise decision,” he said with great satisfaction and poured Shaman another mug of his hideous brew.

Sometimes it was very painful for Shaman to read his father’s notes, to empathize with his feelings and way of thinking. There were times when he put the volume he was on aside for an entire week, but kept coming back to reading it. He had to read on because the diaries were the last link to his father. Once he read them, there was no way they could find out anything about Rob J. Cole – just memories.

It was a rainy June and a strange summer in which everything was too early: the harvest, the fruit and also the forest fruits. Brown hares and rabbits increased tremendously. The animals seemed to be omnipresent, came right up to the house and nibbled off the grass there and ate the lettuce, even the flowers in Sarah’s garden. The wetness made haymaking difficult. The grass of several mown meadows rotted because it could not dry, and attracted swarms of insects, which pounced on Shaman when he rode on his house calls. Still, he thought it was wonderful to be the doctor at Holden’s Crossing. He had also enjoyed working in the Cincinnati Polyclinic. Whenever he needed help or confirmation of a diagnosis there, the entire staff was at his disposal. Here, however, he was completely on his own, and in the morning he never knew what would happen in the course of the day. It was medical practice in its purest form, and he loved it. Tobias Barr wrote to him that the Medical Society no longer existed because most of its members were at war. He suggested that he, Shaman, Julius Barton, and himself meet once a month to eat and talk shop until society reestablished itself. The three really enjoyed their first evening together and talked about the measles that spread in Rock Island, but not in Holden’s Crossing.

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