You can’t go around revealing something like that about yourself. And then also know that all this shit is not worth the wince and stress: it all makes him angry. The afternoon before that evening, around 4:10 p.m. Lenz had sprayed STARRY men’s hairspray on the face of a one-eyed stray EnnetHouse cat, which had stupidly got lost on the upper man’s locus, but the result: unsatisfactory. The cat had just run downstairs and only cloned the banister once. Then Lenz got diarrhea, which always disgusts him, he had to stay on the toilet and open the little warped frosted glass window and the shower

Open warped frosted glass windows and let the shower run on K until the stench had cleared, and Glynn, that ass, hummed on the door and made everyone aware of him with his roar, who would be kneading his crook for so long whether that would be Lenz by chance. So how is he supposed to face Green in the future when he’s talking Tacheles and telling him he wants to go home solo? How is he supposed to face him in the future when it looks like he’s turned Green down? What will he say in the future when he and Green meet in the hallway at Saturday Night Lively, or when they both grab the same sandwich at the White Flag during the raffle break, or stand half-naked with towels in the hallway and wait for the shower to clear? What if he basically rejects Green and Green ends up in the three-man room while Lenz is still sleeping there, so when they live in the same room and have to keep connected? And if Lenz weakens the rejection and Green says he likes him, where the hell should he look when he tells him? If he wanted to fuck a female species, Lenz would have zero

Problems where to look. He would have no problem looking the cake deep in the eyes and looking so honest, as if he was dying inside. Or if he were, so to speak, assuring a Brazilian with a rough complexion that he had not stretched the half-pound three times with inositol.231 Or if he pulled a few stripes, he had zero problems with telling whom he liked, even if he did really like him. Because that gives his mind a tension that more than outweighs the strange tension hanging in the air between him and the other.

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