Guaranteed Cash Advance

Making a loan is easy with a payday cash loan. It is called a guaranteed cash advance because more often than not, an application for a loan is approved. As long as an applicant can assure proof of a regular paycheck, that he is above eighteen, and that he has a bank account, then he is sure to be approved. One other thing about a guaranteed cash advance is that even a bad credit rating will not ruin your chances of getting approved.

The reason for this kind of assurance is found in the nature of this type of loan. The cash advance loan is sometimes called a payday loan. At other times, it is known as an unsecured loan. Yet another word for it is paycheck advance. This simply means that your loan is dependent on your paycheck.

A guaranteed cash advance is guaranteed precisely because it is a small loan of short duration that is assured by your paycheck. This is mostly availed of by borrowers in circumstances when a monthly payment becomes unexpectedly due, when emergencies arise, when expenses become too much for the kind of salary you have.

It is called an unsecured loan because a guaranteed cash advance does not need any kind of collateral except your regular paycheck. Sometimes, a postdated check is required. Sometimes, a fax of other papers is required. If you are applying for your cash advance online, then these requirements might be passed on in favor of a detailed form that you will have to fill up. The lending company thus approves your loan solely on the information from the form. This is then called a faxless cash advance.

In this system, even a bad credit rating is not much of a risk to the lenders. Funds will be deposited instantly to a bank account, and just as instantly withdrawn when the time comes for a payment. Two weeks is usually the time frame of such a loan. Up to $2000 is usually the loanable amount. A guaranteed cash advance gives a borrower just enough leeway for those unexpected monthly expenses. This fast and easy way to get extra funds for the month is a big help in times of emergencies and unforeseen expenses.

The many reasons for borrowers to turn to a cash advance, despite a regular income are:

  • Health reasons, either personal or within the family
  • Calamities and disasters that are out of our control
  • An impending bouncing check
  • Unforeseen bills

When these occur, the payday loan is truly a blessing. It can give us some space to plan better for the next months and the next payday. However, at the end of the month it should be paid in full. A financial plan for your remaining funds should be practiced during the times of a cash advance loan. This way, the danger of getting into a cycle of debt will be avoided. Make the repayment of the loan your goal. Live frugally the month after that. Let the spending level off on the third month. When times call for another cash advance on your paycheck, then you can be assured of fast, easy, and guaranteed access to these extra funds.

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