Even if, like in 2000, they actually win an election, the Democrats STILL lose! Really a picture of misery, right? In the 2002 House of Representatives elections, 196 Republicans ran to defend their seats in the House of Representatives. The Democratic candidates posed a serious threat to these Republicans in only twelve of their respective constituencies, and they only won in three constituencies. With 210 million Americans of voting age, from whose ranks candidates could have been chosen, the Democrats have barely managed to find twelve promising people. What actually gives them the right to call themselves a “party”? Then why are they still guaranteed a place on every -265-

american ballot paper? My newspaper deliverer would find at least twelve suitable candidates in just one of his morning delivery rounds! We’re scared because we know the Democrats aren’t up to the job. So what do we do When it comes to real commitment and passion for the cause, the Greens look a lot better, but let’s face it, this is not the year of the Greens (and the Greens know that too). The Democrats have wasted two years moaning and whining about the Greens and declaring Ralph Nader and Co. their real enemy. This is a sure sign of a real loser: he blames others for his own mistakes. In an effort to build bridges and lick the wounds of the 2000 election, I contacted the Democratic leaders and tried to forge a Democrats-Greens alliance for the 2004 election. Gore and Nader collectively received more than 51 percent of the vote, enough to win every election. I suggested to the Democrats that the Greens support a Democratic presidential candidate who would include substantial parts of the Green agenda in his election manifesto. In return, the Democrats were supposed to vote for candidates from the Green in those constituencies that did not find a really suitable Democratic Congress candidate. Few took up my suggestion. On the contrary, I learned something that honestly shook me: the Democratic party leaders shared something they would never admit publicly: They practically wrote off the 2004 election and saw little chance of seeing George W. Bush defeat. Therefore they would rather their energies for 2008 -266-

save. Then Hillary or another of their big numbers – whoever it damn could be – would run and win. Folks, we absolutely have to tackle the defeatist thinking of those poor, impotent Democrats. In truth, it is not theirs at all to make that decision.

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