Rob guessed that she had hoped that one of the children of Moon and Who Goes Singing would one day prove suitable. He quickly drew her face as it had been. Something terrible had happened to her and with it to him too. Just as he always dreamed of the hangman and medical student holding up the head of his friend Andrew Gerould, he would always dream of this death. He wasn’t sure what was so special about friendship that made it different from love, but somehow he and this woman had become real friends, and her death was a great loss to him. For a moment he forgot his vow of non-violence: if he had had the perpetrators in his hands now, he would have crushed them like vermin. The moment passed again. Rob J. tied a cloth over his mouth and nose to protect himself against the stench and picked up the scalpel. He opened the corpse in a U-shape from shoulder to shoulder and then cut between the breasts in a straight line to the navel, creating a bloodless Y. His fingers were numb and reluctant to obey his mind. It was a good thing he wasn’t cutting a living patient. Before folding back the three flaps of skin, the hideous corpse had been Makwa, but as he reached for the bone saw to pry the sternum from his ribs, he forced himself to think on a plane of consciousness that had no room but the one before work lying to him. He got back to work and did what had to be done.

Circumstances of death: The victim’s body, a woman of the Sauk tribe, was found on the afternoon of September 3, 1851

discovered in a wooded area on the Coleschen sheep farm by a passerby. There were eleven stab wounds that ran in an irregular line from the jugulum along the sternum to a point about two centimeters below the stellate process. The wounds were between 0.947 and 0.952 centimeters wide. They were added with a pointed object, probably a triangular metal blade with three very sharp edges.

The victim, who was still a virgin, was raped. Remnants of the hymen indicate that it had not been perforated, the membrane was thick and no longer pliable. Presumably the rapist (s) could not perform penile penetration. Defloration was accomplished with a blunt object with a rough surface or sharp-edged protrusions, which resulted in massive injuries to the vulva, including deep scratches in the perineum, cracks in the large and small labia and the vestibule of the vagina.

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